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Monday, 04/27/2015 | 05:25

Amendment 2 (April 2009)

Since the last update of the book one year ago, the ICAO made significant progress in the transition from Doc 9705 to the new Doc 9880 (ATN OSI). In particular, the updated technical specifications for the AMHS and the supporting Directory services are now available as parts of Doc 9880. Furthermore, ICAO published the first edition of the new Doc 9896 (ATN IPS) which incorporates the AMHS as so-called "legacy ATN application".

In the European Region, the AMHS implementation guidance and framework, laid down in the EUR AMHS Manual and other documents, have been further refined. The existing AMHS off-line management services have also been updated in consideration of operational feedbacks. In addition, Eurocontrol is tasked with the development of the "AMHS Community Specification" aiming at the interoperability of a future "advanced AMHS" operated by the Member States of the European Union (EU).

Besides the inputs from the above global and regional activities, Amendment 2 provides more detailed information on the AMHS enhancements available with the Extended ATS Message Service enabling adequate discussions on the pros and cons of the implementation of such enhancements. And not at least, many valuable suggestions received from our seminar participants have been taken into account.

Amendment 2 comprising about 300 pages is now included in the offered AMHS book.

Amendment 1 (February 2008)

Amendment 1 has been produced in consideration of

  • Resolved PDRs M4100002 and M7100001: AFTN-AMHS address conversion (February 2006 and November 2007)
  • Distribution of Draft Doc 9880, Part IIB (AMHS) to the members of the ACP in December 2007, and
  • Progress in ACP work as reported by ICAO ACP Secretary at the AMHS work shop held in Chiang Mai (Thailand) in January 2008.

In addition, a number of minor technical and editorial refinements are included.


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