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Samstag, 16.12.2017 | 02:29

AMHS Seminar Data Sheet

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The lecturers

Manfred Okle

Manfred Okle joined the ICAO AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS Panel work in the late 70’s. Since 1993, he worked as technical advisor in the ATN Panel for the standar­dization of the AMHS. He made essential contribu­tions to the specification of AMHS gateways. Participations in European AFS im­plementa­tion groups (as PIANEG, GERAC and AFSG) and the SPACE study project, made Manfred Okle familiar with specific European implemen­ta­tion issues. In addition, Manfred Okle was engaged as technical project manager in a number of AFS implementa­tions. Today, he is a consultant for the AC-B company.

Rainer Hoffmann

Rainer Hoffmann is a systems engineer for software projects and a professional in data networking, messaging and management applications. In the nineties, he contributed to the standardization of ICAO’s Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN). He participated in European ATN studies and initial ATN implementation projects, such as EURATN and ProATN. Together with AC-B GmbH Rainer Hoffmann designed the AMHS Test Suite, which is a conformance test tool for aeronautical message handling systems. Today he works as a test and verification engineer and AMHS seminar trainer.