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AMHS Seminar Data Sheet

Seminar Schedule

AMHS Seminar (5 days)
3250 EUR incl. VAT *)

  • Tentative Autumn 2018

Please contact us if you are interested.

*) Price includes our ATN/AMHS Directory Book in printed and electronic form. Please ask for a special price in case of more participants from your organisation.

AMHS Seminar

AMHS Seminar in Markdorf
Germany – Lake Constance Area

On the way to AMHS

At present, there are many initiatives and activities aiming at a rapid implementation and operation of the ATS Message Handling System (AMHS). At the level of ICAO Regions working groups are tasked with the development of guide-lines for and the coordination of implementations. Particular work items are the development of common communication profiles, recommendations for conformance, interoperability and pre-operational testing, and the provision of so-called “common facilities” in support of a reliable overall communication service. Regional AMHS workshops are conducted for coordination between States and information exchange with manufacturers. In addition, activities are underway aiming at the harmonisation of the inter-regional AMHS communication.

Need for training

The AMHS technical specification (ICAO Doc 9880) are written as “delta specification” to the ISO/IEC 10021 standard series (MHS). Doc 9880 specifies in detail the AMHS specific provisions, however, the adopted MHS elements are only identified by references. That means, sufficient understanding of the AMHS communication needs study of the AMHS technical specification and as well as of the underlying quite voluminous MHS specifications. In consideration of this situation, regional AMHS implementation groups identified the urgent need of appropriate training for technical and operational staff.

AC-B's AMHS seminar

The 5-day Seminar offered by AC‑B provides a comprehensive technical survey of the AMHS. In contrast to other available seminars, the course materials have been developed from and with an AMHS perspective, taking the underlying ISO/IEC MHS standard series into consideration as far as needed. The AFTN/AMHS Gateway is handled in detail from an operations- and design-viewpoint. The most recent update of the AMHS technical specification (ICAO Doc 9880) and the provisions of the EUR AMHS Profile are taken into account. – Live-Demonstrations of AMHS centre functions in a conformance test environment supplement classroom training.

Who should attend?

The contents of the Seminar address system engineers tasked with the specification and commission of AMHS facilities; and the operators of such facilities. Implemen­ters and staff involved in the testing are provided with detailed materials which will facilitate the reading of the AMHS technical specification and the underlying ISO/IEC MHS standard series. The Seminar is also suitable for refreshing and expanding knowl­edge gained from other (introductory) seminars.

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