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ATN/AMHS Directory Seminar Data Sheet

Seminar Schedule

ATN/AMHS Directory Directory Seminar
2100 EUR incl. VAT *)

  • 28 - 30 October 2019

*) Price includes our ATN/AMHS Directory Book in printed and electronic form. Please ask for a special price in case of more participants from your organisation.

ATN/AMHS Directory Seminar

On the way to ATN/AMHS Directory

The ATN directory services form an integral part of the technical specifications of the ATN as laid down in the multi-part ICAO Doc 9880. The provided directory information aims at coordinated operations of distributed ATN system components and user entities. Explicitly addressed is the provision of directory information for AMHS system components and AMHS users. Part IV of Doc 9880 contains the overall technical specifications of ATN directory services. Part II of Doc 9880 defines their specific use in AMHS environments.

In the first instance the ATN directory services are an implementation of the Directory services specified in ISO/IEC 9594 and ITU-T Rec. X.500 which are published as common text. The AMHS specific features refer in addition to “MHS use of the Directory” as specified in ISO/IEC 10021-2 (ITU-T Rec. X.402) which outlines the overall architecture of the MHS.

The specifications of the ATN directory services provide building blocks for a range of implementation options and ensure their interoperability. Particular implementation models and associated operational concepts are out of scope. Related work is seen at planning groups which may be governed by ICAO Regional Offices.

In January 2011 EUROCONTROL started with support of an ICAO regional AMHS planning group (EANPG AFSG) the specification and implementation of the European Directory Service (EDS) using as baseline the specifications of the X.500 based ATN/AMHS directory services (Doc 9880).

The EDS will replace step-by-step the current off-line AMHS management service provided by the ATS Messaging Management Centre (AMC) since 2007. Many of the AMC proven operational information and procedures will be maintained with the new EDS technology. Validation activities performed during 2014 give confidence for operational readiness of the EDS by the end of 2015. During a transition phase the AMC based service will be available in parallel according to States and Organisations needs. The EDS specifications are laid down in the European AMHS Manual.

The transition towards the X.500 based EDS facilitates maintenance and synchronisation of information from different sources as needed for a seamless operation of the AMHS in a global scale. In the broadest sense the X.500 based approach provides for interoperability in terms of well defined data structures and access mechanisms. Moreover, the scope of X.500 services allows the definition of hierarchical management structures, implementation of effective security features and other functional enhancements beyond the AMC capabilities. Not at least, proven X.500 Directory software on the market allows cost efficient implementations.

Need of preparatory training

The ATN/AMHS directory services and the European Directory Service (EDS) are mainly specified in a “delta” or “profile” style against the underlying X.500 Directory services. That means only specialised extensions are specified in detail whereas used X.500 features are just identified by references to ISO/IEC (ITU-T) Directory provisions without further functional explanations. Therefore full understanding of the ATN/AMHS directory services and the corresponding EDS needs prior studies of X.500 Directory features in the context of their use for ATN/AMHS and EDS, respectively. Individual study of the very voluminous ISO/IEC (ITU-T) documentation is not an easy task. A much more efficient and cost saving approach is the participation in a qualifying seminar.

AC-B's Directory seminar

The Seminar offered by AC-B provides a comprehensive technical and operational survey of the X.500 Directory from the perspective of the ATN/AMHS directory services and their implementation with the EDS. In addition the ATN/AMHS and EDS specialised extensions are examined in detail. AC-B's participation in the EANPG AFSG ensures up-to-date presentations. Typically, the seminars are limited to 10 participants allowing an adequate working atmosphere and discussions of presented subjects.

Who should attend?

The contents of the AC-B’s Directory Seminar address system engineers tasked with the specification and commission of ATN/AMHS and EDS directory facilities, operators are provided with the related functional background in preparation and understanding of system specific training by suppliers, and staff involved in maintenance and troubleshooting are learning technical details which are typically beyond a system specific training. The Seminar is also suitable for refreshing and expanding knowledge gained from other (introductory) seminars.

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