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Seminar Schedule

The Spring Class:
28 Mar 2018 – 29 Mar 2018

The Autumn Class:
19 Sep 2018 – 20 Sep 2018

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SWIM Seminar

The SWIM Seminar is two days long comprising 8 instructive and interactive sessions. At the end, participants will receive a SWIM Completion Certificate.

The seminar also includes a part that completely focuses on the participants requirements. Prepare your questions ahead in order to fully take advantage of the SWIM Seminar.

Top 5 Reasons - Why You Should Attend?

  1. Save time – unravel all the SWIM ‘fake news’ in just two days.
  2. Share SWIM experience – find out current SWIM practices from participants.
  3. Find out who are the early implementers from an early implementer.
  4. Find out more about how to prepare SWIM Call for Tenders.
  5. Find out how to start your organization’s SWIM Planning.

Who Should Attend?

As with any new project, SWIM needs to follow the principle ‘PLAN THE WORK – WORK THE PLAN’. Our seminar is developed to help the ones in charge of planning the work: civil and military managers and decision makers of Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), airports, and aircraft operating agencies. Those are the first stakeholders which are effected by SWIM and have to implement it with the support of the ATM manufacturing industry.

Therefore if you are one of the stakeholders mentioned above, this seminar has been built for you!


There are no prerequisites for this seminar. The participants are nonetheless recommended to have ICAO Operational Level 4 in English language proficiency.

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