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Saturday, 08/18/2018 | 01:23

AMHS Test Support

Migration to AMHS

  • You are successfully operating the AFTN or CIDIN for many years.
  • You are planning to upgrade your COM centre to support AMHS switching and AFTN/AMHS gateway capabilities.
  • You want to establish international AMHS links.
  • You need to integrate AMHS user agents.
  • How will you manage to set this up for successful operation?

The test strategy

As an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) or a supplier of AMHS systems you are directly interested to verify that your (new) AMHS system is behaving incontestably correct and all implemented AMHS functions are compliant to the standard.

AMHS conformance testing is an indispensable task on the migration path from AFTN/CIDIN to AMHS. Actually, the European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) mandates AMHS conformance testing for every (new) AMHS system in the European region before it may become part of this new generation network.

AMHS conformance tests are essential prior to interoperability tests or any connection to your neighboring domains.

AMHS conformance tests can be executed with AC-B’s test tool in a local test environment at your site with minimum effort. Your new COM centre AMHS implementation - once having achieved the conformance statement (certificate) - will be best prepared for connecting to any neighboring AMHS COM centre. Subsequent interoperability tests and integration efforts will be reduced to a minimum!

The test cases that AC-B offers with its AMHS conformance test tools are exactly those defined in the ICAO EUR Doc 020, EUR AMHS Manual, Appendix D. These tests have been developed based on the experience made in the so-called FIRST trials (FIRST= First Multipartite International Realization of ICAO SARPs AMHS Trials). AC-B's test cases also cover the majority of tests specified in the EUROCONTROL document COM/TRS050/DEL/GAT - Generic Acceptance Tests (GAT) for ECG Implementations.

The AMHS Test Suite

The AMHS Test Suite supports the verification of SARPs conformance with a set of automated test scripts.

AMHS experts, system engineers and software developers from AC-B created the AMHS Test Suite, which is much more than just a “test tool”. It is a software package consisting of

  • a virtual network that simulates the operational environment of an AMHS COM centre,
  • a set of ready-to-use test scripts for conformance and acceptance testing,
  • a comprehensive pool of AMHS messages, reports and probes that can be used for test purposes,
  • a test and evaluation application to visualize all test steps and test results,
  • a test creator application to set up and run your own test scenarios.

The software package runs on a Cent OS Linux platform using a virtual machine concept.

View the comfortable use of AC-B's AMHS Test Suite in AC-B's video presentation.

Test services offered by AC-B

AC-B offers on-site AMHS test services. Upon request AC-B's AMHS test experts will come to your organization for a test session of up to five days and verify the AMHS conformance of your AMHS implementation with AC-B's AMHS Test Suite.
Please contact info(at)ac-b.de for further details.

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