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Saturday, 08/18/2018 | 14:41


The test tool supports test data preparation, script-based execution and evaluation.

Test preparation

The user creates test scenarios in a graphical user interface. Test steps can be combined to complex scenarios by selection of available modules and provided test commands/scripts. A pool of test data, i.e. templates and samples of messages, reports and probes are delivered with the test tool. They can be reused or modified with a text editor. There is no need to know any scripting language to create new tests.

Test execution

Test messages can be sent to the IUT timely controlled and in a predefined sequence. Test procedures (test scenarios) are presented at the user interface in table-like formats. Each line contains a test step with commands and parameters for actions and/or queries. Test procedures can run in full automatic mode or may manually be controlled, step by step. On-line modification is possible to optimize a test procedure in the course of a dry run. Several test sequences can be combined to support complex scenarios.

Test evaluation and trouble shooting

The AMHS Test Tool analyzes data captured from the IUT’s interfaces and compares the received data in detail with all expected AFTN or AMHS parameter values. A user-friendly presentation of the complex AMHS data structure is given by the XML message viewer for further analysis and - in general - for trouble shooting. When a test step has been executed, a green or red result field indicates success or failure. All executed test steps and results are automatically recorded.

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