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Saturday, 08/18/2018 | 16:24

Test environment

The AMHS Test Suite uses a test configuration as shown in the figure below to verify the IUT's submission, transfer and delivery operation and to perform AFTN/AMHS gateway tests in both directions. It implements

  • three MTA instances representing three adjacent ATS Message Servers or three neighboring domains (PRMDs), and
  • one AFTN source/sink representing an adjacent AFTN environment with three countries.

The AMHS test tool will be interconnected with the IUT's standardized external interfaces, which are:

  • three AMHS transfer ports supporting the X.400/P1 protocol over a TCP/IP/LAN, and
  • one AFTN test interface supporting either asynchronous comunication over serial line, the CIDIN/X.25 protocols or the TCP/IP protocols for AFTN message exchanges.

AMHS over ATN protocols can be configured as an option.

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The AMHS Test Suite makes use of the standardized test addressing plan, which is specified in the EUR AMHS Manual, Appendix D for AMHS conformance testing.

Test addresses are defined for three generic AMHS PRMDs called AMHSLAND-1, AMHSLAND-2, AMHSLAND-3 and and three generic AFTN countries called AFTNLAND-1, AFTNLAND-2 and AFTNLAND-3. This allows covering of all recognized addressing schemes including

  • CAAS, the Common AMHS Addressing Scheme, with either a single organization-name value, or
  • CAAS with multiple organization-name values for different sets of location identifiers, or
  • XF, the translated-form addressing scheme.
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