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Saturday, 08/18/2018 | 04:55

Test scenarios

The test tool supports the 59 test scenarios, which are defined in Appendix D of the EUR AMHS Manual (ICAO EUR Doc 020). The test cases cover native AMHS communication and AFTN/AMHS message conversion in either direction.

The test tool is able to send:

  • messages with ia5-text or general-text body,
  • messages with intentional errors in the ATS-Message-Header and the IPM Heading for negative testing,
  • notifications, reports and probes with user-provided values.

With the test tool you are able to view and evaluate:

  • AMHS parameter values of the envelope and content for every incoming/outgoing message,
  • external/internal trace information conveyed in the envelope of messages received from the IUT,
  • contents of delivery and non-delivery reports showing reason and diagnostic code in plain text.

With the test tool you are able to verify:

  • conversions of the ATS-message-header to the correct AFTN format and vice versa,
  • translations from AFTN addresses to XF- or CAAS addresses and vice versa.