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Saturday, 08/18/2018 | 16:24

Your benefits

The benefits of the AMHS Test Suite are:

  • Efficient testing:
    Automation reduces test duration down to 25%-33%.

  • Easy regression testing:
    Once prepared, an automated test can run multiple regression tests every time the IUT software is upgraded. Every test can be reproduced in an authentic way.

  • Enhanced fault analysis:
    Detailed view of all message exchanges.

  • Smart reporting:
    Automatic recording and storage of all test steps and test results.

The general benefits of AMHS Conformance testing in a local test environment are:

  • Coordination of multilateral test activities is widely simplified.

  • Potential technical risks associated with the integration of a new COM centre implementation into the AMHS network are reduced.

  • Conformance verification gives more confidence in AMHS implementations and makes migration easier. This in turn will speed up the growth of the international AMHS network.