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Sunday, 09/24/2017 | 12:16

ATN/AMHS Directory Seminar Data Sheet

Seminar Schedule

ATN/AMHS Directory Seminar:
30 May - 01 June 2016

Seminar price per attendee:
1.650,- EUR plus VAT

This price includes our
ATN/AMHS Directory Book
in printed and electronic form.

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The Lecturer

Manfred Okle

Manfred Okle joined the ICAO AFTN/CIDIN Panel work in the late 70´s. Since 1993, he worked as technical advisor in the ATN Panel for the standardization of the AMHS. He made essential contributions to the specification of the AMHS/AFTN Gateway. He also participated in European AFS implementation groups (as PIANEG, GERAC and AFSG) and the SPACE study project which made him familiar with specific European implementation issues. In addition, he was engaged as technical project manager in a number of AFS implementations. Today, Manfred Okle is a consultant for AC-B GmbH.

In addition, AC-B’s advisory function for the Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) in the AFSG Planning Group provides an insight in forthcoming AMHS and related Directory developments in the European Region.