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Wednesday, 11/20/2019 | 15:45

System Maintenance

Systems are always filled with complexities. Components are intertwined with each other.

Applications are built into operating systems, which in return are configured for a specific hardware. Only in some of the rarest cases will one find a stand-alone solution. In most situations, system environments interlocked among themselves will be found, that are strongly individualized to suit specific requirements.

Rapidly changing innovative cycles to operate such systems lead to a permanent need for the importation of updates and patches, the replacement of hardware or the installation of new software releases. However, since each of the constituents interact with each other, what may be considered as harmless alterations in a certain area, may lead to dramatic repercussions in another.

The rule: "never touch a running system" proves to be increasingly difficult to obey nowadays. As an example: what could be done when the support services for hard or software have been terminated by the manufacturer or the developer? How can the accomplished investments be protected when the producer or service provider disappears from the market scene; or when the person and expert–in-charge leaves his/her post?

AC-B is your Partner when it comes to the effective protection of your investments in this area. Allow us to introduce an individual scenario, as to which solution alternatives are available to you. You yourself can decide on how you can insure the failsafe operation of your system, based on results from detailed work packages hinged upon a business economical perspective, and analyses that have considered data risks and possibilities. Of course, we will gladly support you in the implementation of your selected alternative work package.

AC-B can offer you unique assistance and support in answering questions you may encounter regarding: Reverse Engineering, Refactoring, Documentation and Migration.