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Wednesday, 11/13/2019 | 05:22


AMHS - the Air Traffic Services Message Handling System - offers a new quality of messaging services for the aeronautical world.

ICAO - the International Civil Aviation Organization - has specified the AMHS in DOC 9880-AN/956 for ground-to-ground message communications within the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN). The AMHS is based on the ITU-T Recommendations X.400 (respectively ISO/IEC 10021 standard series) and will finally supersede the AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network) and CIDIN (Common ICAO Data Interchange Network) standards.

AC-B GmbH has long term practical expertise in aeronautical data communications and in particular in the AMHS technology. AC-B GmbH is committed to provide technical and consultancy support to Aeronautical Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) concerning AMHS implementation.

AC-B GmbH has benefited from many years of participation in AMHS standardization work and developed an AMHS seminar for AMHS implementers, system engineers and COM centre operators.

In view of the implementation of the European Directory Service (EDS) AC-B offers now also an ATN/AMHS Directory Seminar. This seminar provides a comprehensive presentation of the EDS functions and operations together with the used X.500 Directory features.