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Wednesday, 11/13/2019 | 06:12

ATN/AMHS Directory Seminar Data Sheet

Seminar Schedule

ATN/AMHS Directory Directory Seminar
2100 EUR incl. VAT *)

  • 28 - 30 October 2019

*) Price includes our ATN/AMHS Directory Book in printed and electronic form. Please ask for a special price in case of more participants from your organisation.

Seminar Contents

The 3-day seminar starts Monday morning and ends Wednesday afternoon (see dates at the right column).

Training Schedule - Click to view the ATN/AMHS Directory Seminar Schedule

The seminar is organised in four parts:

  • Basics of the directory services
  • More about the X.500 Directory
  • ATN/AMHS directory services
  • European directory service (EDS).

Basics – This introductory part explains the nature and objectives of directory services and their benefits for AMHS operations. It introduces the underlying X.500 Directory concept and outlines the framework of X.500 related international standards and ATN/AMHS specific provisions. This first part sets the stage for the subsequent parts of the seminar which each illuminates specific aspects of the X.500 Directory, the ATN/AMHS directory services and the corresponding European Directory Service (EDS).

X.500 Directory – This part of the seminar goes into details of the X.500 Directory architecture and mechanisms and indicates also their relevance for the ATN/AMHS directory services and EDS. Especially addressed are the organization of directory information and their possible distribution to multiple directory servers (partitioning, shadowing), as well as user access to directory information and interactions between physically distributed directory servers. Finally are discussed the administration / management of directory environments and defined security mechanisms. This second part completes the needed X.500 background for the subsequent examination of the specifications of the ATN/AMHS directory services and their exemplary implementation with the European Directory Service (EDS).

ATN/AMHS directory – This part of the seminar examines the ATN/AMHS directory services, as specified in Doc 9880 with the focus on their use for the AMHS. Addressed topics are the variety of information (object classes) that is available for the representation of an AMHS environment and the structured arrangement of such information. In addition, the ATN specific assignment of access permissions to user groups is explained. Finally, open design issues are identified which must be solved prior to the implementation of an ATN/AMHS directory.

European directory (EDS) – This final part of the seminar presents the technical design and the operational concept of the EDS. The use of common ATN/AMHS directory information (Doc 9880) with their EDS expansions (EUR AMHS Manual) is explained. The operations and protocols between the central EDS facility and cooperating ANSPs are presented in detail. The presentations identify also a number of crucial design decisions towards an operational ATN/AMHS directory service. The EDS approach may also provide guidance for implementation in other ICAO regions.

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