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Wednesday, 11/20/2019 | 15:45

AC-B's network

Indra Sistemas S.A.
AC-B is a subsidiary company of Indra Sistemas S.A.


SysDesign is a company providing both system engineering and hard- and software development services in the areas of: automatization in the railway and automotive industries, industrial plant and mechanical plant engineering, tests and process automation, product engineering, communications and broadcast engineering, aviation, space and guidance systems. SysDesign is a long-term partner to AC-B in software engineering and software development.


BUCet AG is likewise a consulting and system house in the aviation and space travel industries. In their office in Langen, Germany - the specialists of BUCet AG work hand in hand and share the same rooms with AC-B, while working on projects like the German Flight Safety Board or the German Centrum for Air and Space Travel.


Airport Suppliers
Airport Suppliers is a global meeting place for the airport industries. The internet portal encompasses all aspects of airport equipment, technology, design and services. AC-B Solutions in Air Traffic Communication and Test Automation are presented at


Flight ATM Systems
Flight ATM Systems specialises in providing innovative solutions to the Air Traffic Management industry. We provide both consultancy services on various aspects of Air Traffic Management, including requirements analysis, design and implementation as well as a range of software products dealing with Flight Data Processing. The products include ATS ICAO and ADEXP message parsers sold as component libraries as well as complete systems for processing AFTN ATS messages.


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