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Wednesday, 11/20/2019 | 15:45

Projects with AC-B

According to a study performed by the Gartner Group, 80% of all IT projects are net successfully completed. Either the budget is overdrawn, the project is not completed on schedule, or the project functionality is incomplete.

We are proud to affirm the fact, that AC-B has completed all predetermined project goals on time and within financial parameters. Our dependability and reliability, our intensive communication with our customers and trust arising therefrom, are the guarantors for our commendable performance.

How could that be accomplished? Are the Project Managers of AC-B far better than those of other Service Providers? We wish to owe you the reply to this question, but we would rather warmly recommend for you to contact some of our reference Customers about our credentials and the quality of our performance.

Commitment and dependability are the main pillars upon which our services to clients rest. With these in view, you may also expect from us, the state of being informed about the complete and truthful status of your projects, at all times. We fully know that inconvenient truths will not be made tolerable by keeping quiet about them. We would rather lay all cards on the table.

It is this transparency and openness in our business code that our clients honour and appreciate AC-B.