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Wednesday, 11/20/2019 | 15:45

Testing System

DFS has always operated its own ATC communication network, as communication is a central component of air traffic control responsibilities.

The need of the DFS for faultless system stability, performance, and capacity for modernization are far more stringent than typical industrial standards. In these networks, protocols optimally tailored to fit the specific demands of the aerospace industry are used to transmit and exchange information.

One such protocol is AMHS (Air Traffic Services Message Handling System), established by International authorities on aeronautics, for worldwide use as the new standard product for communication.

To secure and update the functionality of various modules incorporated in the DFS network, tests must be run over and over again. These are necessary in the development process planning because each development, change or modification could have fatal consequences upon the efficiency of this functional infrastructure.

Test runs are expansive and are time-consuming and costly.

To shorten the testing processes, AC-B developed a tool that greatly reduces time and expenses by the automatization of routine tasks.

Please have a look at the video presentation of AC-B's Test Suite, in detail concerning effective test automation and efficient creating of test procedures using AC-B's test tool.