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Thursday, 11/21/2019 | 11:59


VAN, Value Added Network, is a national platform of the DFS, Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (German Air Traffic Safety and Control Administration). VAN is used for the exchange of air traffic control information.

This network services air traffic controllers with a wide variety of information, necessary for safe air traffic in Germany. This includes flight plans (with detailed information on starts, landings, routes, altitudes, speeds, etc.), weather and airport information (for example: runway conditions), updates concerning delayed departures, cancelled flights, and more.

It's easy to imagine that a VAN malfunction would have serious consequences for air traffic volume estimated to be at approximately 8000 flights per day. That is why system reliability and availability are of utmost importance to DFS concerning this sensitive component of their infrastructure.

The large volume influx of highly diversified information in the network, made it a prime necessity for VAN to have a large number of interfaces to other productive systems. In cases such as these, AC-B is not only the System Administrator, but is also responsible for the provision of continuous system development. Especially regarding the latter, we do exercise extreme caution and foresight. Systems interfaced with VAN can be massively influenced by every modification made in the system.