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Monday, 10/21/2019 | 20:44

Project Strategy and security of investments

Return on Investment (RoI) calculations in project decisions often just say half the truth.

Nevertheless, suppliers will always bombard you with such calculations that apparently promise the quick amortization of actual investments. Comparisons will be quite difficult to make most especially when differing processes are involved like: when a project must be dismantled into different partial steps; or payment workflows must be accomplished at varying time frames; or when the question is raised about the chronology of a complex Migration system.

AC-B combines Technology and Business Management skills at this point. In preparation for investment decisions, we will supply you with: the necessary facts, the payment flows, rearrangement/changeover costs, opportunity costs (which result from choosing an operational activity), or the calculated risks. In such an evaluation, the most important factor is time. Depending on the time frame needed for studies and observation, the calculation of the profitability of projects may considerably vary when based upon one, three or five years. This will be most noticeable when different systems or operational alternatives are competing against each other.

When migrating a system upon a new platform, we can certainly tell you: which Module must be encapsulated and reversely engineered; which must be immediately dissolved; and where no immediate actions are required.