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Monday, 10/21/2019 | 04:27


Most of the companies nowadays have realized the vital importance of a holistic and perfect documentation.

This was not always the case. In Legacy Systems for example, some data gaps could still be found that can lead to fatal penalties and losses in availability and performance.

Although it is very obvious that the "ostrich-tactic" in dealing with these defects is not the ideal solution at all, still it is a widespread practice amongst many persons-in-charge who often say: "Well, let us just hope that nothing happens. When it does, then we have a problem in our hands!" The fact that the problem exists is more often than not doomed to oblivion, and when the time comes for a system replacement, it almost always resurfaces, bringing a chain of unsolved events and processes with it.

AC-B is your Partner in all questions about System Documentation and the analyses that go with it. We offer you dependable support and advice in existing operations for implementation processes, as well as in post-documentations and/or reviews. We will not just leave things as they are as we take a first inventory, but we feel it is our task to actively participate in the completion of imperfect processes or the production of respective documents, as the case may be.

In addition, your AC-B experts can produce comparative analyses, most especially with regards to the conformity of existing systems with national or international standards or regulatory programs.
Documentation, however, very rarely is just a description of an actual state of affairs or condition.

Since the borders between conception and documentation are seamless and interwoven with each other, we see as our duty, being in the creation of Maintenance, Migration and Recovery concepts - just to name a few.