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Sunday, 10/20/2019 | 23:12

Migration, Reverse Engineering and Reconstruction

The data-capacity of computers duplicates every year. This technological advancement, which as a rule is eyed as a positive influence by economists, also has its shady sides in the form of applications developed in the past years which cannot be variedly transferred or transported into present-day computers. This specially has very serious consequences upon complex, tailor-made systems; or upon those created to specifically fit the requirements of the particular company.

One of the core competencies of AC-B is surely, the assistance of clients who have so-called Legacy Systems in operation right now. But then, even for these enterprises, a point in time will come when a replacement will unavoidably be necessary, most particularly when spare parts or whole components are no longer in production and have become undeliverable.

Our specialists will develop a strategy with you as to how to complete such a system or how to successively replace one. Since an old and evolved system usually is permeated by data gaps, and is not always free of errors, a so-called reverse engineering must be required, meaning: an analysis must be done, retracing data paths from the source codes all the way back to the software application concept.

If clarified what the system could accomplish and how the data conversion takes place, our experts could reconstruct the system and eventually implement new functions according to your requirements.

From AC-B, you may expect full support in your projects from our task force consisting of qualified specialists in interoperability. In every examination, they will analyze and evaluate what the consequences of an intrusion into a system will be, as well as its ramifications in other areas. Years of experience in this field make the AC-B experts adept at foreseeing dangers that may arise from most complex environments and with it, they are also able to develop the respective solution possibilities needed.