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Wednesday, 11/13/2019 | 05:25

Order Form

Download and print the form sheet (pdf) and send us your order per fax or postal service.

Next steps

After receiving your order, we will send you an email confirmation as soon as possible.  We will then send an invoice to the provided billing address.

“Introduction to AMHS”, Volume A and B together, will cost 950 €.
The price for a single copy of Volume A or Volume B is 550 € each,
including the option to order the complementary Volume (B or A)
for 400 € within the next six months after the first order.
All prices do not include forwarding charges and VAT. To see our forwarding charges, click here.

AC-B will send the AMHS book to the provided address as soon as the bank transfer is completed.

Individual offer

Save forwarding charges for every further order of the AMHS book!
AC-B will send additional copies of "Introduction to AMHS" free of forwarding charges!

Get your individual offer and ask for discount, when you order two or more copies of "Introduction to AMHS"!
Please contact us directly by phone (+49 75 44-50 95 0) or send an email to: info(at)ac-b.de.

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