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Wednesday, 11/13/2019 | 06:21


Part 1: AMHS Basics

  • Embedding in the ATN, scope of specifications
  • MHS/AMHS architecture, services, protocols
  • AMHS addressing and global ICAO registration procedures
  • Message identifiers, priority handling, ATS-Message-Header
  • Specification of AMHS functions by references to MHS profiles
  • AMHS systems management, traffic logging
  • AMHS (ATN) migration to the Internet Protocol Suite (IPS)

Part 2: AFTN/AMHS gateway (operational aspects)

  • Communication scenarios, functional model
  • Address conversions
  • Conversion between AFTN and AMHS information objects
  • Supplementary functions and extensions

Part 3: MHS and AMHS routing

  • Definitions and key issues
  • Need of regional planning work
  • Interrelations between routing, topology and addressing plans
  • Topology design aspects
  • Routing with AMHS addressing plans
  • Hierarchical routing in the global AMHS
  • European AMHS routing conventions

Part 4: Enhancements with the Extended ATS Message Service

  • Scope and defintions
  • Support of unstructured binary data
  • Replacement of the AMHS ATS-message-header
  • AMHS security services
  • ATN/AMHS directory services


Part 5: MHS and AMHS procedures

  • MHS standard series, AMHS conformance requirements
  • InterPersonal Messaging System (IPMS)
  • Message Transfer System (MTS)
  • Message Store (MS)
  • Initialisation operations
  • MHS protocols
  • MTA-MTA connection parameters in the AMHS

Part 6: MHS and AMHS information objects

  • Basics of MHS information objects
  • Interpersonal Messaging System (IPMS) – information objects
  • Message Transfer System (MTS) - information objects
  • Use of object identifiers and ASN.1

Part 7: AFTN/AMHS gateway (technical aspects)

  • Format of handled AMHS and AFTN information objects
  • AMHS to AFTN conversion
  • Probe processing
  • AFTN to AMHS conversion

Part 8: Regional AMHS implementations

  • Activities towards the European AMHS
  • Other regional planning and coordination work
  • Regional AMHS profiles
  • Conformance, interoperability and pre-operational testing
  • European AMHS off-line management (AMC)

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